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Academic integrity

The integrity and reliability of academic research are of fundamental importance. The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity serves as a guideline for all employees and students of Leiden University.

Application decision tool

An application decision tool for grant applications: the do’s and don’ts of grant applications

Assessment by Ethics Committee

Do you want to know how to do research in an ethically responsible way? An Ethics Committee can advise you and assess your research proposal for ethical issues. 

Basics of grant writing

How to write a successful grant proposal

Building a network

Advice on where to start and how to set up successful collaborations and networks

COVID-19 protocols for FSW

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has consequences for the implementation of human-related research at FSW. The COVID-19 protocols inform about the required measures for hygiene and protection.

Collaborations with industry or societal partners

Information about identifying partners & types of collaborations to construct research consortia

Consortium and grant agreements

Information on consortium and grant agreements

Data Management Regulations

University regulations on the management, storage and provision of research data

Data Management Support LUMC

LUMC has its own data management guidelines and support. Information and contact details for Advanced Data Management (ADM) can be found on Albinusnet, the intranet for LUMC.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Information on processing personal data

Data Protection Officer

Contact information for the Data Protection Officer

Data management in grant applications

Advice on how to write a section on data management in your grant application

Data management plan (DMP)

All information about your data, including online help and courses.

Digital Lab at Humanities

Are you looking for a place to work, experiment, and find support for your digital research? The new Digital Lab@Veth is designed for staff and students who need advanced equipment and a community of specialists to take their work to the next level. 

EU Ethics review

How to pass the Ethics review

Equipment FSW

Researchers at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences use equipment to acquire physiological data, track eye-movements and simulate sensations. Read about the available equipment at the faculty. 

FAIR data and software

Best practices and support on how to make your data and software FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)

Financial administration

Information on projects relating to second and third income streams, research funding, (financial) project management, VAT, and invoicing

Find funding

Useful tips for finding the grant you are looking for

Funding calendar

Current research funding opportunities and guidelines to maximise your chance of success

Funding types

How to match your idea with the right funding opportunity

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information on the GDPR

Getting signatures and statements

A useful guide to ensure you get the signatures and approval you need to get your project started

Grant awarded

Steps to take once you have been awarded your grant

Impact, valorisation and exploitation in research grants

How to determine and describe the impact of your research

LUMC Research Support Desk

LUMC researchers can contact the LUMC Research Support Desk (RSD). The RSD will forward questions to the right department or expert.

Lab safety at FSW

To ensure safety when working in a laboratory, a number of rules apply. Have a look at the different protocols.

Laboratories of Humanities

Find an overview, more information and contact details of all Humanities laboratories here. 

Launching your project to a wider audience

Communication department of your faculty can advise you on communicating your project from the start

Legal Support for research contracts

Information on legal support for research contracts and other types of formal agreements

Leiden Journal Browser

Preferred tool to check if the university has a deal for Open Access publishing with journals/publishers

Leiden Law School Methods Portal

The Leiden Law School Methods Portal supports the flourishing of empirical legal and sociolegal scholarship at Leiden University and beyond by providing information on a broad range of empirical research methods, tools, and tips.

Leiden University registration numbers

Overview of registration numbers for your reference

Lobbying and strategic networking

Find out how it works and what you can do as a research or support staff member

Online Scientific Integrity Module

Practical guidelines and information on research integrity, ethical standards for researchers, research ethics, questionable research practices, fabrication, falsification and plagiarism

Open access

This portal links you to agreements with publishers, an Open Access checklist and Scholarly Publications

Open access publication: flowchart

This overview shows the various steps you can take to make your work Open Access

Research funding by the Leiden University Fund (LUF)

Local funding opportunities by the LUF

Research funding support

Your point of contact for research funding support

Research software for FSW

All lab computers at Social and Behavioural Sciences have packages of the most common research software installed. It's also possible to request other software to be installed on a lab computer, or your work computer. 

Scholarly Publications

Leiden's institutional repository that researchers should use to comply with Open Access policy

Scholarly information: library resources for your research

Would you like guidance on how to search for relevant resources for your research? In Leiden University Libraries' subject guides you can find an overview of databases, reference works and websites for research in a specific discipline. Need a book, database, journal or other materials the library doesn’t own? Submit your acquisition request.

Starting with public outreach

Information on why and how to engage with the media and the general public

Step-by-step plan for project management

What to do to successfully manage your project

Strengthen your CV

Guide to improving your CV for a grant application

Who owns my intellectual property?

Information on intellectual property along with useful links

Working in a lab at FSW

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has a variety of laboratories housed in several Leiden University buildings. Check out the locations of the labs and read our house rules for using lab facilities or doing research on location. 

Writing an application for a collaborative grant

Tools to help you write a collaborative grant

Writing for an individual grant

Tools to help you write an individual grant