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Save time making RfAs, CDAs and MTAs using the Luris Contract Tool

The Contract Tool can easily be accessed on the Luris website. The website also provides advice on how to use the Contract Tool, including a manual and demo video. You will need to set up an account before you can use the tool.

Contact the Legal Affairs team at Luris for support and advice.

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Legal Support for research contracts

For information on who can provide legal support on research contracts and IP, click on the link below. 

Contact the Legal Affairs team at Luris for information and advice. 

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Legal Affairs team Luris

Legal support Medicine/LUMC

Depending on the type of legal support needed, LUMC researchers will need to consult either Luris or LUMC legal experts. The LUMC Research Support Desk (RSD) can advise researchers about who to contact. 

Please fill in the contact form on the LUMC Self Service Portal or check the RSD website on Albinusnet, the intranet for LUMC.  

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Consortium and grant agreements

Once you have been awarded a grant, you will be asked to provide a grant and/or consortium agreement. This can be difficult as every funding agency has different templates and rules. Click on the link below for useful information on agreements with NWO and the EU. 

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Getting signatures and statements

If you want to submit a grant application, or if you have been awarded funding, you will often need to get signatures and statements from administrators and/or expertise centres to prove that Leiden University has given the green light to the project to go ahead. Click on the link below to find out who is authorised to sign for each section.  

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Getting signatures and statements Archaeology

Collaborations with industry or societal partners

If your research has revealed interesting possibilities that could be further developed into new products or processes, Luris can advise you on the best strategy to follow, and can help you identify external partners to help you take these ideas forward.

Contact the Luris Business Development team for support and advice :

If you are planning on sending, receiving or processing personal data with or to a third party, please contact your Privacy Officer to check whether you need a Data Processing Agreement. 


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