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Legal Support for research contracts

Are you looking for legal support on research contracts and intellectual property? Leiden University has legal counsels with different expertise areas who can give you information and advice. 

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Save time making RfAs, CDAs and MTAs using the Luris Contract Tool

You can easily make your own Requests for Approval (RfA), Confidentiality Agreements (CDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) with the Luris Contract Tool. The Contract Tool can easily be accessed on the Luris website. 

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Consortium and grant agreements

Once you have been awarded a grant, you will be asked to provide a grant and/or consortium agreement. This can be difficult as every funding agency has different templates and rules. Read more below for useful information about agreements with NWO and the EU.

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Collaborations with industry or societal partners

Has your research revealed interesting possibilities that could be further developed into new products or processes? Luris can advise you on the best strategy to follow. And help you identify partners to help you take these ideas forward. 

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Getting signatures and statements

You will often need to get signatures and statements to prove that Leiden University has given the green light to your project. Read more about the most encountered situations and how to deal with them so that approval won’t delay submission. 

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