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Research data management checklist

Good management of your research data improves the quality of the data and makes your data accessible and easier to find. The Centre for Digital Scholarship at Leiden University Libraries (UBL) has created a step-by-step plan for data management at every stage of your research. 

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Data management in grant applications

Most research funders ask you to include a section on data management in your grant application. The Centre for Digital Scholarship can advice you on how to write the data management section of your application.

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Reference management software

Reference management software is used to gather, store and organize references and make it easy to insert citations and bibliographies in your publication. Leiden University provides a campus-wide subscription to EndNote, but besides EndNote, open source tools like Mendeley and Zotero can also be used.

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MRI Data Sharing Guide

When you share MRI data gained from research using MRI scanners, it is important to ensure that these data are well managed. Contact the Centre for Digital Scholarship for best practices for handling these sensitive data, including a flow chart containing information about sharing MRI data. 

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Step-by-step plan for project management

Project management is essential to the succes of your research project. This step-by-step plan will guide you through the process.

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Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) oversees data protection at the university to ensure the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance through all organizational units. The DPO also reviews if the organization processes personal data of data subjects (employees, customers, and other individuals) in a compliant way. Although the DPO works closely with the privacy office, he/she is not part of the office. The privacy office handles all operational matters, the DPO can audit them. 

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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Before you start processing any data, you must assess the (potential) privacy risks in the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). In the DPIA you have to explain the collection, access, protection and storage of data.

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Archiving and publishing data

Once your research is complete, you need to archive and publish your research and/or research data. The Centre for Digital Scholarship explains how to do this. 

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Long-term data retention

All research data must be retained securely for the long term. This means that the integrity, availability and – where necessary – confidentiality of the data must be guaranteed.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Whenever you work with personal data, you need to keep a record of what is done with these data. Data-privacy rules are laid down in the GDPR. Your privacy officer will support you in complying with these rules. 

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Bulk storage for research data

For storing large amounts of project or research data on the university network that does not require high throughput, you can request bulk storage in blocks of 1TB.

If you need a smaller amount of storage, you can consider Cloud storage.

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Protocols for collecting data at FSW

FSW researchers use equipment to measure heart, brain and muscle responses. For some types of research they collect blood or saliva samples. Do you use physiological data in your research? Then there are protocols on how to deal with this data. 

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Legal Support for research contracts

Are you looking for legal support on research contracts and intellectual property? Leiden University has legal counsels with different expertise areas who can give you information and advice. 

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ICT Services

Are you looking for ICT services to facilitate your research activities? Including tools to collect, manage, analyse and share research data? Leiden University provides the ICT services needed. 

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Data Management Regulation

Are you looking for Leiden University's policy on the management, storage and provision of research data? You will find it in Leiden University’s Data Management Regulation. It also offers advice about how to draft relevant faculty policy.

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Research data services catalogue

The research data services catalogue contains information on all the facilities for data (storage) for your research. After consulting the catalogue you will be in a position to make well-considered choices about data management and data storage. 

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Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is a useful tool for collaborating remotely on a research project. This project management tool lets you share your data, documents and project administration securely and in a manageable form.

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Data management plan (DMP)

How do you write a good data management plan? The Centre for Digital Scholarship at Leiden University Libraries offers relevant training programmes and online checklists to help you handle your research data.

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SURKO (Single user compute power on demand)

Single user computing power is a dedicated virtual (Remote desktop) high performance computer that allows researchers and their students to perform data analysis. Continuous operation without updates or restarts is guaranteed for either 4 or 8 weeks.

NOTE: This service is only available for staff of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

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