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Research data management checklist

A guide to sound data management at every stage of your research 

Data management plan (DMP)

All information about your data, including online help and courses

Data management in grant applications

Advice on how to write a section on data management in your grant application

Data Management Regulations

University regulations on the management, storage and provision of research data

Reference management software

How to choose and use bibliographic managers

Step-by-step plan for project management

What to do to successfully manage your project

MRI Data Sharing Guide

A flowchart showing what MRI data you can share and where to find support

Long-term data retention

Satisfying the long-term data retention requirements

Data Protection Officers

List of data protection officers at your faculty/institute

Archiving and publishing data

Research output may also include data sets: how to archive and publish your research data

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Information on processing personal data

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information on the GDPR

Research data services catalogue

All the facilities for data management and storage for your research 

Bulk storage for research data 🔐

Request bulk storage of research data not requiring high throughput

FAIR data and software

Best practices and support on how to make your data and software FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)

Online Scientific Integrity Module

Practical guidelines and information on research integrity, ethical standards for researchers, research ethics, questionable research practices, fabrication, falsification and plagiarism

LUCRIS Publication Management and the Scholarly Publications repository

Information on LUCRIS, Scholarly Publications and the various licenses and versions you can choose

Legal Support for research contracts

Information on legal support for research contracts and other types of formal agreements

Research funding support

Your point of contact for research funding support

Research software for FSW

All lab computers at Social and Behavioural Sciences have packages of the most common research software installed. It's also possible to request other software to be installed on a lab computer, or your work computer. 

Your research in the media

How to bring your research results to the general public

Impact, valorisation and exploitation in research grants

How to determine and describe the impact of your research 🔐


Digital resources for networking, computing and data management that facilitate the collaboration among research communities 

SURKO (Single user compute power on demand)

Single user computing power is a dedicated virtual (Remote desktop) high performance computer that allows researchers and their students to perform data analysis. Continuous operation without updates or restarts is guaranteed for either 4 or 8 weeks.

NOTE: This service is only available for staff of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.