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Open access: funding

You should include the cost of open access publication in your grant application and project budget. Open access publication does not have to be costly; sometimes you can even publish for free. The Open Access Team at the Centre for Digital Scholarship can advise you on your options. 

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Open access publication: step-by-step plan

When you choose open access publication, anyone can read your publications. This increases the visibility of your research. Leiden University Libraries (UBL) have drafted a straightforward step-by-step plan to help you.

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Open access agreements with publishers

Leiden University has agreements in place with the publishers of many prestigious academic journals. Researchers at Leiden can generally publish on an open access basis without incurring any additional costs. Leiden University Libraries (UBL) has an overview of these journals, as well as information on how the agreements can benefit you. 

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Open access

Open Access provides free and unlimited online availability of research output. Are you looking for policies, training, support, and services for Open Access publishing? Get in touch with the Centre for Digital Scholarship. 

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Open access policy

The Executive Board asks researchers to make their Leiden-affiliated publications Open Access by uploading them into Scholarly Publications. If the publications have already been issued in Open Access by the publisher, you can easily make a straightforward upload. If they are not - or not yet - Open Access, you can read on 'Publish Open Access in Scholarly Publications' how you can best proceed.

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Publishing and Open Access LUMC

LUMC is committed to Open Science, the National Open Science Plan and Open Access (OA) publishing. More information on Open Access publishing can be found on the website of the Walaeus Library. The Walaeus website also has information on publishing and literature research.

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Submitting your dissertation to the Leiden Repository

When you finish your dissertation, you have to submit the printed copy to the Beadle’s office and upload the electronic version to the Leiden Repository. Some publications in the Leiden Repository have open access. Looking for the licence you can use to make your dissertation publicly available online? You will find it in ‘Appendix 4’ when you click on More information. 

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Leiden University Press (LUP)

Leiden University Press (LUP) publishes academic books and journals in both digital and paper form. LUP has an international audience and its publications are distributed in many different countries. LUP also supports open access publishing. 

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LUCRIS Publication Management and the Scholarly Publications repository

Use LUCRIS Publication Management and Scholarly Publications to share, promote, and store your publications. Please contact the repository manager if you have questions about our repositories policies or if you have a collection that might benefit from our infrastructure. 

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