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Research Support Portal

Research funding

Leiden University offers a broad range of support to help you find, write and apply for research funding. The first point of contact is your local grant adviser at your faculty/institute, who can guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have. If your faculty/institute does not have a contact listed, please contact the University Grant Development Office and they will help you on your way. 

Basics of grant writing

How to write a successful grant proposal πŸ”

Leiden University registration numbers

Overview of registration numbers for your reference πŸ”

Step-by-step plan for project management

What to do to successfully manage your project

Application decision tool

An application decision tool for grant applications: the do’s and don’ts of grant applications πŸ”

Building a network

Advice on where to start and how to set up successful collaborations and networks πŸ”

Consortium and grant agreements

Information on consortium and grant agreements πŸ”

Data management in grant applications

Advice on how to write a section on data management in your grant application

EU Ethics review

How to pass the Ethics review πŸ”

Find funding

Useful tips for finding the grant you are looking for

Funding types

How to match your idea with the right funding opportunity πŸ”

Getting signatures and statements

A useful guide to ensure you get the signatures and approval you need to get your project started πŸ”

Grant awarded

Steps to take once you have been awarded your grant πŸ”

Lobbying and strategic networking

Find out how it works and what you can do as a research or support staff member πŸ”

Open access: funding

How to fund the costs for Open Access and meet the requirements of research funders

Practical submission process

Guide for submitting a research proposal πŸ”