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Start Up Phase

What to do when your grant is awarded? Getting the right agreements in place. Getting the finances in order. Writing a data management plan. Securing your research. Getting what you need to get started in place.

You have been awarded a grant. Step one is to get in touch with your local research support office to guide you through this process.

Research funding support

Your point of contact for research funding support

Grant awarded

Steps to take once you have been awarded your grant

One of the first steps is to let the funder know that you accept the grant on their terms by doing the legal paperwork.

Getting signatures and statements

A useful guide to ensure you get the signatures and approval you need to get your project started

Consortium and grant agreements

Information on consortium and grant agreements

Impact, valorisation and exploitation in research grants

How to determine and describe the impact of your research

Legal Support for research contracts

Information on legal support for research contracts and other types of formal agreements

Save time making RfAs, CDAs and MTAs using the Luris Contract Tool

Link to the Luris contract tool

You furthermore have to get the data management plan, ethics requirements and, if relevant, procurement in place before or within a specific time frame after the signing of a grant agreement.

Assessment by Ethics Committee

Do you want to know how to do research in an ethically responsible way? An Ethics Committee can advise you and assess your research proposal for ethical issues. 

Procurement rules

Rules and procedures on how to hire staff and acquire goods and services

At the same time you have to get everything in place within the institute to start performing the project.

Financial administration

Information on projects relating to second and third income streams, research funding, (financial) project management, VAT, and invoicing

Introduce your research to a wider audience.

Starting with public outreach

Information on why and how to engage with the media and the general public

Experts in the media

How to improve your findability as an expert for the media and others