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Research Idea Exploration Phase

Finding the right funding for your research idea. Exploring what you need to make it happen, checking the viability of the project. Help in searching for the right partners.

Matching a grant opportunity perfectly to your idea is the first crucial step to success.

Funding calendar

Leiden University has a funding calendar for researchers. This calendar shows the current options if you want to apply for research funding. But you will also find advice and guidelines to maximise your chance of success.

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Find funding

When you are looking for research funding, you have different options. Have a look at some pointers on how to work out your own personal search strategy. 

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Funding types

To make it easier to find the right type of funding for your research project, the grant development team has categorised the different types of funding.

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Explore the viability and feasibility, both of the project and of making the deadline in time.

Prepare for an individual grant

There are several things to take into account when writing a competitive grant proposal. Read more to find an overview of useful resources for each step during the writing process.

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Prepare for a collaborative grant

A collaborative grant means a lot of coordination and many moving parts. Read more to find an overview of useful resources for each step of writing a collaborative proposal. 

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Application decision tool

Deciding when to apply for funding and finding the right funding instrument can be very tricky. The application decision tool gives you a list of do’s and don’ts that will help guide you through these decisions.

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Strengthen your chances of success beforehand.

Strengthen your CV

If you are planning to apply for an individual grant, now is the time to start improving your CV to maximise your chances of success. Would you like to learn three important things to focus on when building your CV? 

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Building a network

These days, a lot of funding opportunities require research collaborations. Here you will find advice on where to start and how to set up successful collaborations and networks. 

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Research funding support

Leiden University offers a broad range of support for finding, writing, and applying for research funding.

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